Joshua Speiginer is an inspirational speaker, peer to peer counseling facilitator, artistic director and choreographer with the Dare2Empower Foundation.  In partnership with his mother, Christel Valle-Reyna, Joshua has shared his personal experiences with bullying and the impact it has had on his life with thousands of people internationally. 

Entrepreneur & Community Advocate

Joshua is the Artistic Director of the Dare2Empower Foundation's multiple bullying awareness and empowerment productions performed at schools and community events throughout Southern California.  Joshua's dedication to sharing his personal bullying experiences via a self funded dance production during his senior year in high school, caught the attention and support of various well known entertainers and national news outlets.  He was provided an opportunity to share his initial self written and choreographed production "The Born Brave Ball" with music artist and entertainer, Lady Gaga, who provided additional inspiration and support to his effort.  Shortly after performing for his high school, he was invited back to the middle school where a number of the bullying incidents referenced in his show occurred.  His production immediately became a highly sought after show by multiple school administrations due to its very "real" and emotional impact it had on the students who found him and his experiences relatable.  

Because of the need for awareness of issues concerning todays youth, Joshua created the Auras Foundation, a non profit organization that raises funds to promote bullying awareness and suicide prevention in Southern California communities.  In partnership with various businesses, community advocacy organizations and members of the community, fundraisers are held throughout the year to promote programs such as The Bullying Stops Here and The Peace, Love & Unity Tours produced by The Dare 2 Empower Foundation.

Awards and Honors

Joshua has been the recipient of multiple honors and awards for his youth advocacy work in Southern California communities.  He was honored by the Victor Union High School District School Board for his multiple inspirational speaking engagements, peer to peer counseling workshops and anti-bullying rallies his group, the CaliXAuras, produced within the district schools.  Joshua has also received scholarship awards to further his college education based on his academic and community service achievements.  In addition, Joshua is a national award winning dancer and choreographer.  He has also coached and choreographed many award winning dance and cheer teams at both the amateur, high school and college levels.


Joshua's professional experience as both an entertainer, dance instructor/choreographer and youth cheer/dance team coach, has enabled him to both captivate his audiences and help his students to excel. His down to earth, heartfelt and honest approach to youth issues creates an environment that opens the channels of communication with those he works with.

Personal Life

Joshua was born in Riverside, CA and raised in the High Desert area of Southern California.  He is the oldest of his mom's four children and his dad's six children.  He was introduced to the performing arts at a very young age, as his mother was a professional dancer and actress.  Joshua has been trained in tap, jazz, and hip hop styles of dance, as well as acting for theater and film.  He has choreographed and appeared in numerous music videos, commercials, television shows and feature films.  Most recently, he has appeared on The Real Oniels, American Horror Story Hotel, The Mindy Project, Shameless and Sense 8.  His current dance project includes an appearance as a featured main stage dancer for EDC-Las Vegas, which has an attendance of over 300,000 people over the course of 3 days.


Joshua was often teased by his peers for his love of the performing arts, which had a very strong impact on his outlook on his life.  Often struggling for acceptance, he found himself constantly defending his interest in dancing versus playing team sports with others his same age.  He became the target of consistent bullying both verbally and physically. Through his hard work and dedication, Joshua was able to learn leadership and confidence skills to aid him in the self esteem issues he was dealing with because of the bullying.  As he began to openly discuss his bullying experiences with others, he discovered he wasn't alone in the issues.  He decided to apply his passion for dance and entertainment to share his experiences with others who are in the same dark place he once found himself. 

"You may not have control over the actions of a bully, but you absolutely have control over the impact the bully has on your life and your future!"

                                                                                                  - Joshua Speiginer


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