B-set Boundaries

R-be Reliable

A-be Accountable

V-Vault the info

I-act with Integrity

N-No judgement

G-give support 

Bullying Awareness

K-12 School Assembly Programs

  •  Bullying Awareness Assemblies

  • Break Out Workshops

  • Parent-Staff Collaborations

  • Anti-Bullying Lunch Rallies

  • Half-Time Shows 

BULLYING STOPS HERE is a high energy and interactive assembly that helps students understand what bullying is, learn the B-R-A-V-I-N-G technique to build meaningful connections and how to use their experiences as an opportunity to demonstrate their own COURAGE2SHINE.  The DARE2EMPOWER presentation is packed with high energy music, dancing and heart felt presentations made by Christel Reyna (Founder of DARE2EMPOWER/Co-Creator of the BULLYING STOPS HERE program), Joshua Speiginer (Co-Creator of the BULLYING STOPS HERE program) and the CaliXAuras performers.


The focus of the BULLYING STOPS HERE production is on the need for students to learn to interact with others in a manner that is respectful and supportive even when differences exist. The goal is to engage students in understanding we all have the power to make a positive difference in the lives of others, their school and their community


"I want a BRAVING squad filled with people who are willing tuck and roll with me when I trip on my own shadow walking through the crowd during passing period"   -Christian R.

If you are interested in an outline of our BULLYING STOPS HERE production, the cost of our assembly program, add-on break out workshops, lunch rallies or half time shows, please contact our office to schedule a conference call or in person meeting.

We look forward to helping transform the culture of your campus!

© 2016 by Christel Valle-Reyna

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